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My new hobby is mathematics (and by new I mean about ten years), specifically prime numbers. This page will have lots of lists of prime numbers, prime factorizations, and other prime-related stuff. This is what I got so far:

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J. Ben (screen name "thenewjmmb") writes by e-mail:

some prime fan you are 1 is not a prime number. the difinition of a prime number with only TWO factors 1 and itself. 1 is not prime because it only has ONE factor. How can you even make a website about something you know so little about?

Thank you very much for that comment. He's right, I do know very little about prime numbers. But how can I make a website on something I'm not an expert on? That's a question for GeoCities.

Anton Mravcek writes by e-mail:

Euclid was probably wise enough [to acknowledge] that he too knew little about primes. That's the different between wise men and [expletive deleted] idiots like J. Ben who can't say anything beyond the definition they were taught in school and so blindly believe. I imagine he's some kind of poser who prefers to deal in Greek letters, keep Roman letters to a minimum and avoids numeric literals like the plague. To posers, someone who looks at numeric literals, especially unspectacular small ones like 1, must be some kind of quack. But you're not quack. Know that there are some of us at the Slovene Wikipedia who appreciate your work and your informativeness.

He didn't know how old I am, so old in fact that I was taught that 1 is prime in school. I never questioned that for the first half of my life because back then math for me was something practical: figure out the down payment on my house, do my taxes, that sort of thing. Now I can savor the purely theoretical aspect of it, and if I was a religious man, I would thank God for that. I certainly thank Anton for his kind words.

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